how to backup and restore your sony xperia c


How to backup a Sony Xperia C smartphone. How to save photos and contacts on a Sony Xperia C. How to backup and restore XPeria C, XPeria C3, XPeria C4 or XPeria C5.


If you are having issues with your Xperia C smartphone, a good thing to try is a full backup and restore of the device as it will reset all the software on your phone. By doing a backup, your data will be kept in a safe place and then you can easily restore it back to your phone later. If you're looking to backup your Sony Xperia C smartphone and performing a factory reset, here is the simplest way to do so.

Important: You will need a computer for this procedure.

Backing up your Data:

  • Make sure that the PC Companion application is installed on the PC or the Sony Bridge for Mac application is installed on the Apple® Mac® computer, then open it.

  • Connect your Xperia smartphone to your computer using your USB cable.

  • Click Start under the Backup & Restore application.

  • Click on Backup 

  • Select the data you wish to backup then click Next

  • The backup will then complete automatically

Resetting your Sony Xperia C:

Once you've completed your backup, you are now ready to reset your Sony Xperia C. The reset is done directly on your device:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Select Backup & Reset, then tap Factory Data Reset
  • Confirm the restore by tapping Erase
  • Your Xperia will restart and greet you with the initial device setup
  • You can choose to go through the setup of your device and start fresh, or to follow the steps below to restore your data onto your device

Restoring your Data:

  • Open the Sony software, and connect your Xperia smartphone using a USB cable

  • Click Start under the Backup & Restore application

  • Select the backup you wish to restore, then click Restore

  • Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the restore to complete

  • Your smartphone is now reset!
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