no sound on incoming calls or notifications on a samsung galaxy s6


No sound on incoming calls on Samsung Galaxy S6. Notifications dont make a sound on Galaxy S6 Edge. All calls are silent on Samsung Galaxy S6. No more sound on Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus. No sound on Samsung GS6.  No sound on phonecalls Samsung Galaxy S6. Not receiving notifications Galaxy S6 Edge.


If you have no sound coming out of your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone when receiving an incoming call, receiving a notification, or during a phonecall, then here are the things you can verify to fix the issue:

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing and make sure "Turn off all sounds" is OFF

  • Go to Settings > Sounds and notifications and make sure "Do Not Disturb" is OFF

  • Also in Sounds and notifications, make sure your Sound Mode is not on vibrate/silent and that your volume is ON

  • If you're not receiving any notification or sound from certain apps, you can double check App notifications in Settings > Sounds and notifications and make sure the notifications are allowed for the App in question

  • If the issue persists after checking all the options above, you might want to consider trying a factory reset of your device. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to backup and reset your Galaxy S6.
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