How to configure APN settings on a samsung
galaxy s6

This is a guide to help you "Add a new APN" on all Samsung Galaxy S6 models

If your mobile data is not working or you purchased a Galaxy S6 that is unlocked and belonged to a different carrier, you might have to create an APN (Access Point Name) to configure your mobile internet and be able to access cellular data on your Samsung device. An APN is what allows you to access mobile internet with your Galaxy S6.

To add a new APN on any Samsung Galaxy S6 model, including Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Settings > Mobile networks

  2. Tap on Access Point Names

  3. Tap on ADD in the rop right
  4. Enter your APN settings (For APN settings click here)

  5. Press the three dots on the top right of the screen, tap on Save in order to save the APN settings.

    NOTE: The created APN will show up in the APNs screen after you have saved it. To activate the APN, tap on the radio button located beside it.

  6. Restart the phone and try browsing the Internet.

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