can't send or receive pictures messages on samsung galaxy s6


Can't send or receive picture messages on Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Can't send or receive mms. Picture messaging not working on GS6. Can't send mms on a Samsung Galaxy S6.


Here are a couple things you can try to fix this issue:

  • Power off your device completely, then power it back on

  • Make sure you have a network connection (if you have No Service click here)

  • Go to Settings > Data Usage and make sure mobile data is checked and there is no data limit blocking you

  • Note: You NEED a data connection on your Samsung smartphone to be able to send or receive picture messages (MMS). If you have a data block with your provider, make sure to contact them to remove it.

  • Go to Settings > More networks > Mobile networks > Access point names and make sure you have your Carrier selected (For all APN settings click here)

  • If you are still not getting any internet from your data connection, contact your network provider
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