how to backup and restore your samsung smartphone

A guide on how to backup and restore your Samsung Galaxy S5 or newer. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3 or older, click here.

If you are having issues with your Samsung smartphone, a good thing to try is a full backup and restore of the device as it will reset all the software on your phone. By doing a backup, your data will be kept in a safe place and then you can easily restore it back to your phone later.

Important: You will need a computer for this procedure.

Backing up your Data:

  1. Connect your Samsung device using your USB cable.

  2. On the Smart Switch screen, click on MORE

  3. Click Preferences, then select the Backup items tab.

  4. Select the content that you would like to save from your device then click OK.

  5. Click Backup on the Smart Switch screen. It can take up to several minutes to complete.

  6. Click Confirm once backup is completed.

Restoring your Data:

  1. Once the device appears in Smart Switch, click Restore.
  2. Smart Switch will automatically restore the most recent backup. Click Restore Now.

    Note: Click Change data to restore if you would like to restore a different backup.

  3. Once the Restore is complete, unplug your Samsung device.

Your device is now successfully restored.

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