Samsung can send but won't receive text messages


Outgoing messages are working but the phone won't receive incoming messages from one specific number. Can send messages but won't receive them on Samsung. Not receiving incoming messages.


Normally when this happens, you are likely to find that the number you are texting found it's way into your  "Spam List". To verify if the messages are in your Spam inbox:

  • Go into Messages, then tap on your menu  button  and click Spam messages.

If you find the messages in your Spam inbox, here's how to turn off the Spam filter:

  • Go into Messages > Settings

  • Scroll to the bottom and uncheck “Spam Settings”. 

If you did not find any messages in your Spam inbox, and unchecking the Spam Settings did not fix the issue, the issue might be with the sender. Make sure the sender does not have any issues sending messages as well.

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