samsung stuck at galaxy logo when turning on


Samsung Galaxy smartphone won't boot up past Samsung logo. Unable to turn on Samsung smartphone. Can't get past Galaxy screen when turning on phone. Samsung frozen at Galaxy screen when turning on (For Samsung Galaxy S4 or older, including Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy rugby, core 2 duo, and more).


In a situation where your Samsung smartphone won't boot past the Samsung logo, the issue is most likely caused by the Android OS being corrupt or a corrupt app.

When the device failed to boot up normally, the first thing to try is to boot up your Samsung using safe mode:

  • Turn your Samsung off completely
  • Hold your power button to turn the device back on, then repeatedly tap the Menu key (the button on the bottom left of your phone)
  • Once the phone is powered on, you will see "Safe Mode" on the bottom left corner of the screen.

If your device was able to boot up successfully using Safe Mode, try uninstalling any recent apps you've downloaded and test your phone by restarting it. If that worked then you're done with this issue. If your device still won't turn on unless you activate Safe Mode, then follow this guide on how to backup and restore your device. This will fix any software issues causing this problem.

If you weren't able to turn on your device using Safe Mode after trying multiple times, then that means the software is corrupt beyond recovery and you will have to factory reset your Samsung using Recovery Mode. This will unfortunately delete all content stored on your Samsung, but will make it working again. For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to factory reset your Samsung using Recovery Mode click here.

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