HOW TO completely backup and restore your nexus 6p


How to backup Nexus 6p. How to save photos and contacts on Nexus 6p. How to backup and restore Nexus 6p.


When dealing with a Nexus, it's only natural for us to have to backup our data using a Google Account, and this is exactly what we're going to do. Here are the steps to backup all your data to your Google Account so you can restore your nexus without losing any of your precious data.

Backup Photos and Videos:

  • Open the Google Photos app .
    ( If you don't have it installed, you can download Google Photos through the Play Store )
  • At the top left, touch the Menu icon .
  • Select Settings.
  • Touch Back up & sync.
  • Make sure Backup is toggled ON and Tap on Backup All to backup all your photos and videos.

Backup Contacts:

  • From the Home screen, tap People
  • Tap the Menu MENU icon.png key
  • Tap Accounts
  • Choose Google
  • Make sure that Contacts is toggled ON

Backup app data, WiFi passwords and other settings:

  • Go to Settings > Backup & Reset
  • Make sure Back up my data is toggled ON

Once you've performed all these steps, you're now ready to factory restore your Nexus! 

  • Go to Settings > Backup & Reset
  • Tap on Factory data reset

  • Tap on Reset Phone
  • Your Nexus will reboot and you will be greeted with the initial setup
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