Moto X intermittently dropping network signal


Moto X disconnects from network on and off. Moto X will be connected to the network and just disconnect. Moto X wont stay connected to network. Moto X dropping calls.


If you are located in an area with good cellular coverage and your Moto X sometimes drops off the network or fails to place calls, it can get pretty frustrating. Here are some steps you can take to try fix connectivity issues on your Moto X smartphone.

  • The first thing to try is turning off the LTE to see if that fixes the problem:
    • Go into Settings > More...

    • Select Cellular Networks > Preferred network type 
    • Select "3 G" as your preferred network mode.
    • Turn your Moto X off and then back on again.
  • If you tried turning off your LTE and are still experiencing the same problem, make sure your Moto X is up to date by going into Settings > About > Software Update

  • You can also try performing a backup and restore of your Moto X for good measure. For a full guide on how to backup and restore your Moto X click here
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