Google search bar unresponsive on moto e


Google search bar not working on Moto E. Google search bar unresponsive on Moto E. Can't use the Google Search widget on homepage of Moto E. Google search bar won't work from homepage of Moto E 1st gen or Moto E 2nd gen.


If your Google Search bar isn't working on your Moto E, then this is most likely due to a software issue. Follow the steps below to get your Google Search bar working again on your Moto E:

  • Try turning your Moto E completely off, waiting 10 seconds and turning back on

  • If that didn't fix it, the next step is to "Clear the Cache" of the Google App. 
    • Go to Settings > Apps
    • Swipe right until you land on the "All" tab and look for the Google App
    • You will see the window below
    • Tap on Force Stop
    • Tap on Clear Cache
    • Tap on Manage Space and select the bottom option "Clear all Data"

    • Restart your Moto E and the Google Search widget will work again
  • If the above step did not work for you, the next step is to factory reset your Moto E smartphone

    For a step-by-step guide on how to backup and restore your Moto E click here

If none the above steps worked for you leave us a comment below so we can help!

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