can't receive text messages on microsoft lumia


Can't receive text messages on Microsoft Lumia. Not receiving text messages from certain numbers on Microsoft Lumia. Not getting messages from one or multiple numbers on Microsoft Lumia. Not receiving text messages Microsoft Lumia. 


The first thing you have to verify is if the problem is only with one number or with all numbers. If you can't receive text messages from any number on your Lumia, make sure you have service on your phone first (if you have No Service, click here).

If you can't receive text messages from only certain numbers, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > call + SMS filter

  • Make sure the number you can't receive messages from isn't in your blocked numbers

    You can also simply turn the Block calls + SMS feature OFF entirely

  • If the block feature was not activated and you still can't receive messages from that number:
    • Delete them from your Contact list
    • Delete the conversation you have with that contact in your Messages
    • Turn off your Microsoft Lumia for 10 seconds, then turn it back on
    • Re-add them into your Contact list and try to text them again

If issue persists, verify if it's not a problem on the sender's end.

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