how to hard reset your LG smartphone

A guide on how to force your LG G4, LG G3, or LG G2 to factory reset

If your LG smartphone keeps freezing, you’ve forgotten the security codes or it just doesn’t work, take it back to factory settings.

Important: This erases everything on your phone, so if you’re not locked out try backing it up first.

  1. Switch your phone off. If it's frozen, remove the battery to turn it off then put it back.

  2. Once the device is off, press the Volume Down button and Power button together until the LG logo appears on the screen.

  3. When the LG logo is displayed, let go of the Power button, keep pressing the Volume Down key and then immediatly press the Power button again.

  4. Release all keys when the Factory Reset screen appears.

  5. Press the Volume Down button to select and the Power button to confirm reset.

  6. The factory reset will complete and the LG G2, G3 or G4 will reboot.
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