how to hard reset the lg g5

A guide on how to perform a hard reset (factory reset using the hardware buttons) of your LG G5

  • You will need to hard reset your LG G5 in the following situations:
    • LG G5 stuck in bootloop
    • Forgot unlock code, passcode or pin
    • LG G5 won't power on properly
    • Can't access apps or settings to factory reset
    • LG G5 virus or software bug
  • Performing a hard reset erases everything on your device. If you are able, try saving your data first
  1. Switch your phone off. If it's frozen and can't be turned off, remove the battery to turn it off then put it back.

  2. Once the device is off, press the Volume Down button and Power button together until the LG logo appears on the screen.

  3. When the LG logo is displayed, let go of the Power button while still holding the Volume Down key and then immediately press the Power button again.

  4. Release all keys when the Factory Reset screen appears.

  5. Press the Volume Down button to highlight Yes and the Power button to confirm.

  6. The factory reset will complete and the LG G5 will reboot to the initial android setup.
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