How to block calls on an iphone


If you're looking to block certain numbers from calling you on your iPhone, then here's a detailed guide on how to add numbers to your iPhone block list.

There’s 2 different features that can block calls on the iPhone: 
-The Do Not Disturb function. This redirects all calls to voicemail and mutes all notifications  (SMS, Facebook, etc.)
-The other function is "Blocked" where you can block calls, texts and facetime from a specific contact. 

To block calls from a specific number:

  • Make sure you have that number added in your contact list first, then go to Settings > Phone > Blocked

  • Tap on Add New to add a number to your block list

To block all calls from all numbers:

  • Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb

  • Turn on "Manual". You can also turn on "Scheduled" if you want to block all calls at specific times automatically.

    Note: Make sure you turn off Manual when you want to receive calls again.
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