can't delete text messages on iphone


iPhone won't delete text messages. When trying to delete texts, iphone freezes. iPhone freezing when trying to delete messages. Message app freezes and cant delete texts. Messages reappearing after restarting iPhone.


Most of the time, this issue happens on the iphone 4s or older. When deleting threads with a lot of media (photos, videos, etc), it can take a lot of processing to successfully delete.

  • To fix this issue, you're going to have to leave your phone untouched for a couple hours (so it's best to do this before bed).

  • Plug your iPhone into the charger so it does not die during the process

  • Select the threads you wish to delete, usually by swiping left on the messages or by pressing the "edit" button.

  • After deleting them, you must leave the phone alone and plugged in (usually overnight) to give it enough time to delete everything. Do not even press the lock button and leave the screen lock on its own.

  • Open your iPhone the next day to make sure the messages are all deleted.
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