How to block text messages on an HTC Desire. How to block sms and calls on a HTC Desire smartphone. How to block incoming phone calls on HTC Desire. 


Blocking incoming calls from a Number:

  • Open the "Contacts" app
  • Add the number you want to block as a contact. If the number you want to block is already in your contact list proceed to the next step.
  • Select the contact that you wish to block on your HTC Desire smartphone.
  • Tap Block contact
  • Press "OK" to confirm you wish to block this number from being able to send you messages, calls, or texts
  • The number is now blocked

Blocking mesages from a Number:

  • On the Messages screen, press and hold a contact (or phone number) and tap Block contact.

If your HTC smartphone is missing the Block contact feature:

If you don't have the block contact feature shown above on your HTC Desire smartphone, the next best option for you is to download a call/sms blocker on the Google Play Store. An example of that would be the Call Blocker Free app.

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