how to fix no service or emergency calls only on 
blackberry q10


No service on BlackBerry Q10. Emergency calls only on BlackBerry Q10. No network on BlackBerry Q10. BlackBerry Q10 disconnected from network. How to fix network issues on the BlackBerry Q10.


If you are getting no service on your BB Q10, no network signal or emergency calls only, follow these steps:

  • Go into Settings > Networks and Connections > Mobile Network

  • Tap on Network Technology and select HSPA+/UMTS/GSM

  • Turn your BlackBerry Q10 OFF completely, wait 10 seconds and then turn it back on again
  • Try connecting manually to your network by performing the following steps:
    • Go into Settings > Networks and Connections > Mobile Network
    • Scroll down to Network Selection Mode and set it to "Manual" then tap on Scan
    • Once you have a list of available network you can select the one you wish to connect to
  • If the above options didn't work, make sure your BlackBerry Q10 is up-to-date by going into Settings > Software Updates and installing any updates available

  • Make sure your SIM card is inserted properly into your device

  • If none of the steps above worked for you, consider checking your SIM card and device with your provider and possibly sending the phone for repair
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